I am a former fundamentalist Baptist minister from Toronto, Ontario. I became a naturalist/atheist about 15 years ago, after 35 years of conservative Christian belief (12 years as a pastor). My intention on this blog is to share my thoughts, musings, experiences and reactions to political, personal, cultural, religious, and scientific events from my former-fundamentalist-turned-naturalist/atheist perspective. I welcome your comments and responses.



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  1. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your blog. I found yours while checking the Google listing for my own blog (we share the name). I’ve added you to my blogroll at TFF, and I look forward to reading more.

    All the best,

    p.s. an abbreviated version of my story is here:

  2. Seriously, we all need to start a former fundie network. The de-converted need to stick together. Always good to see another testimony from the other/”dark” side.

  3. G. Martin

    I stumbled across your website while reading up on the topic of fundamentalist beliefs.

    I am an atheist, however I was not brought up in a religious home so it was not a traumatic realization. However, the reason I have been so keenly interested in this topic recently is that I have grown weary of being told how I should behave in social situations where religion is featured. For too many years I have been told to show adequate respect to Christians, bow my head in reverence as their prayers take place in public settings. I have learned the hard way that the door of religious tolerance swings only one way. Atheists are despised by many theists; Christians often being the most rabid. So, I have “come out” as they say, just to put a face to non-belief.

    It hasn’t been easy and in some instances it has been somewhat frightening. Imagine being in a room full of people who are shouting you down because you question a long held and never challenged practice of forcing an entire room to engage in pre-dinner prayer – at a Municipal event? It’s this sort of intimidation that I try to squash.

    Anyhow, before this comment becomes too lengthy, I just wanted to thank you for a tremendously well written blog. I applaud you for your ability to re-examine what you were taught and to share your journey with your readers.

  4. Bob Barnes

    I just watched your video and am curious as to wether your wife followed you into atheism

  5. theformerfundie

    Thanks, all for your comments (some of you this is WAY overdue!).

    Bob, Pam is actually my ex, but to answer your question, she hasn’t gone quite that far. Although we haven’t talked about this for quite some time (we are actually quite good friends still), I suspect she would still be a believer in some kind of being who started everything up. But she is certainly not a Christian anymore!

    • Bob Barnes

      Thanks for the reply.
      The reason for my curiousity is the fact that I’m an atheist with a capital “A” living with a wife who refuses to even look at any other opinion or rationally discuss the subject.
      I go to my atheist conventions alone and continue to read and educate myself and my wife goes to her church.

  6. theformerfundie

    Hey there, Bob. That’s a tough situation. I have been in the dating world for some time, and I have often wondered how far I could go in accommodating someone else’s religious beliefs. It’s tricky for sure.

    I wish you well in your circumstances.


  7. Alexander Zlotnik

    “The de-converted need to stick together”
    But we,skeptics – agnostics need you, de-converts ,desperately!:)
    As a person,who like to study the matter of religion from different perspectives,I have to say,that MOST helpful material and food for thought I so far got from “de-converts”,like Scott.
    Their knowledge of the matter and intellectual honesty just of the highest rank – a LOT of thing to learn from such a stories

  8. I’m deeply moved by your journey (just watched your son’s video), and thank you for sharing and writing. I am perhaps mostly interested in the contextual implications of these things, like what does your son’s story look like, your ex-wife, your other son, your father, etc.

    I am myself an atheist father of three little children, but I’m married to a Christian and go to church, hiding my orientation as best I can. What family issues are there? How can we overcome them? How do we deal with raising children in a divided world like this? Am I allowed to trump religious superstition with facts and reason? I find these tricky questions.

    Anyway, I’ve subscribed and look forward to more ponderings of reasonable flavors.

    • theformerfundie

      Hi there, Alexander. Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, these questions are tricky indeed. I’m glad you’ve joined up and found my posts worthwhile.
      Best wishes,

  9. Charlie

    Many thanks for the talks you have given which I found amoungst the audio podcasts of West Hill.
    They resonated with me!
    I have included a link to a YT video post which has an accompanying description. Hope something of it resonates with you. Although we might possibly stand on opposite sides of the ‘faith’ divide, that doesn’t stop hands being linked across it.

  10. Charlie

    Hi moderator (Scott?)
    Wanted to put my last post in context, as without the description it might confuse someone visiting your blog. The last thing I want to do is harm the integrity of such a valuable blog. Could you remove it? If you are happy for it to be resubmitted I’ll add an edited description to accompany the video.
    Best wishes

    • theformerfundie

      Hi Charlie. I have removed your previous comment as you requested, although I found nothing in it offensive or problematic. I’d be delighted to have you resubmit new one.

      I’m also happy to remove your previous one and my own reply here if you would like it to start fresh. Let me know.

      • Charlie

        As you can see the post has been been resubmitted, if you want to remove the trail. Keep up the good work Scott
        Wishing you well

  11. Charlie

    I really appreciate your talks which I found within the West Hill UCC podcasts! I also hope that the courageous video documentry ‘My Story on Film’ (January 2010 blog) gets a wide viewing. I was profoundly touched by your account of the conversation you had with your mother.

    To put my pre-seasonal vid in context, here is the description that accompanies it…

    Jesus wasn’t born in Bethlehem; it was probably Nazareth. No-one really knows who his parents were. Was his step/father a carpenter? We just don’t know, but he was probably a craftsman
    There was no census, virgin birth, star, or wise men. Do these these historically/scientifically
    established facts spoil the Christmas story for me.
    Many ministers of the Christian religion, in their heart of hearts, accept these facts, and remain silent; they are locked within benevolent but controlling and complacent man made institutions
    Jesus lived a life that has influenced or transformed countless other lives; that’s what matters.
    AND WHAT MATTERS MOST is an open mind and spirit, and every selfless act of compassion, courage and humility, be it by an atheist, agnostic, or follower of any faith tradition. That’s what the Gospels tell me.

  12. Hello Mr. Fundie. I stumbled upon your blog looking for information on the circles on my lawn which, as it turns out are just fungi. But I wanted to respond to your self-described condition as an atheist. Actually, there is no such thing as an atheist, according to God, who you say you don’t believe in. Fortunately, God is not like the tree falling in the forest – He needs no one to believe in Him to exist. But I digress. According to Romans 1:19-20, what may be known about God is made plain to man so that he is ‘without excuse.’ So the man who lookst at creation and refuses to see God is lying to himself. Furthermore, Proverbs 14:1 reveals that “the fool says in his heart, ‘there is no God.'” Putting the two together, the only conclusion we can come to us that an atheist is really just a lying fool. God’s words, not mine. Furthermore, all ‘former fundies’ were never Christians to begin with, simply self-deceived. True Christians do not ‘fall away,’ ‘backslide’ or abandon the faith. They are held firm in the hand of Christ and He promised to lose none of them. I’m sad for those who have tasted of the glories of Christ and rejected them, but there are still true sheep who have benefitted from your years of preaching the Word. It just goes to show that our sovereign God can use even unbelievers to draw His own to Him, according to His perfect will and timing.
    May you find temporary peace in your naturalism. Eternity holds no peace for you. But even in that truth and the wrath you will experience, God will be glorified.

    • Bob Barnes

      Please read Matthew 5-22 which says to call someone a fool puts you in danger of hellfire. Be careful who you are calling a fool.

      • An accurate reading of Mat. 5:22 will reveal that it is a “brother” whom we are not to call a fool, not ‘someone’ as you state. Atheists are not brothers in the faith. God’s Word says that a fool is one who says in his heart, ‘there is no God.’ Therefore, an atheist is a fool, by God’s definition.

    • Stephen

      A bitter and lifeless comment devoid of Grace, Light, Hope and Compassion. Dolores appears to be blissfully unaware of what she has revealed about herself. A tragic example of the ‘unexamined life’

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