On the radio again.

I was on John Oakley’s Culture Wars show this morning debating the issue of whether or not the Pope should be charged criminally. I’ll have an audio recording up today or tomorrow.

And I’m on again next Tuesday. 9:00 a.m. You can listen to it on the web at http://www.640toronto.com/.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: You can listen to a recording of the debate here.



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5 responses to “On the radio again.

  1. Joe Cosentino

    Hello Scott,
    I heard you on the Oakley show today. I wanted to thank you for a couple things…1) Taking up the fight for abused children within the religious community. 2) Bringing a composed intelligent voice to (I’ll say) non-religious people like myself. That narrow minded Rev. did nothin other than make a fool of himself with his politically contrived use of deflection and babble. I dont need to go on too much about how ridiculous he was because you dealt with it well, but his use of words like “agenda” and “militant” were so pathetically transparent and hypocritical. he is nothin more than a brain washed soul, out to justify his own weakness and insecurity to himself. I am so tired of the violence, discrimination, fear, oppression ( I could go on and on) that Religion brings. Thanks for articulating the thoughts of many about the matter. I will keep my eye on this blog from now on, glad I came across the show this morning.

    • theformerfundie

      Hey there, Joe.

      Thanks so much for your feedback, encouragement and support. This is the 5th time I’ve done the Oakley show and it’s always been a very positive experience for me. Glad to hear that it’s been useful for those who are listening.

      McVeady is an interesting character. It helps having come from the same background, because I know where the weak spots are! It was interesting watch him squirm around not being willing to honestly say what he actually believes about hell.

      It also annoys me when others tell me what my motivation for being an atheist is (i.e., hatred). Fundamentalists simply don’t have a category for people who disbelieve for intellectual reasons. From their perspective it HAS to be about rebellion against God, hating God, not wanting to submit to God, blah, blah, blah.

      I really was disturbed that no one was focusing on the victims of abuse. It’s all about protecting the church hierarchy. That is both predictable and despicable.

      Anyway, thanks again for your comments. I’m actually going to be on again next Tues. Should be fun.

      Take care.


      • Joe Cosentino

        Hi again,
        Yes I too enjoyed his unsucessful attempts to allude your questions, as he knows the answer is too extreme for people on the fence, that he (religion) hopes to lure.
        It was (is) shameful how the focus was on protecting the church, as you said.
        I am curious about what brought you away from the fiction that is religion. Let me know if you have a portion of your blog about that. I will check, as this is the first time I went to (let alone wrote) on any blog.
        Look forward to hearing you next Tuesday

  2. theformerfundie

    Hi Joe. Well, I am glad to have brought you into the blogosphere! : )

    My younger son actually did a biography of me for one of his journalism courses, so if you want to hear a brief summary of my journey, it’s posted on an earlier entry. Here’s the link: http://wp.me/po7wB-jF

    Thanks again.

  3. Andre


    Nice to hear you stand up to that Reverend when he goes off the deep end. But next time he goes and runs wildly at the “gay agenda” feel free to bring up the fact that on this matter – the reverend “doth protest too much.”

    I gotta feeling that McVety is just a rant or two away from pulling a Ted Haggard.

    Consider it debating ammo.
    – Andre

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