Sigh. Religion Fueling Hatred One More Time

Well, here we go again. Some of you have probably heard about the homophobia that is being whipped up in Uganda by Christian leaders — including American evangelicals who have been exporting their vitriol.

ABC’s nightline did an expose of this hate-filled movement and discussed the recent bill that is being considered by Uganda’s government which would make homosexuality a criminal offense involving significant jail time, and in certain cases execution by hanging.

I don’t claim that religion always creates the hatred people express – but it often gives it legitimacy.

Here’s the ABC story:



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4 responses to “Sigh. Religion Fueling Hatred One More Time

  1. Heidi

    Hate is a destructive force, even when directed against a person, group, organization or nation that is doing something one may be vehemently against. The hate I heard in this video directed at homosexuals by the African leader as well as the American speakers is not a healthy, safe or God-loving form of energy to be spreading around and will do more harm than good when dealing with behaviour that they seem to deem unacceptable. It looks like a witch hunt or McCarthy’s anti-communist pursuits – a lot of good those did. I feel badly for the need these people (anti-gay people) have to spread their venom all over the world and pray that someday in their hearts they will see that it is not an effective method of transformation.
    Let me just conclude that I do not believe the homosexual community requires any transforming, but my point here was mainly that the sad part of all this was their fear-mongering, exploitative use of pornographic pictures and that a country full of innocent people are being turned into haters as well.

  2. That is sad. I think Scott Lively is a hypocrite though. Why doesn’t he support the death penalty for homosexuals? His God did in the Old Testament. Unless he thinks his God was wrong, then he ought to support it.

    Religious fanaticism is very scary whether we are talking about Islam extremism or Christian extremism.

  3. Reuben

    Hey Scott!

    I just watched your video over at Ken Pulliam’s blog. When I got to the part where you talked about growing up on a dairy farm in eastern Ontario, I was intrigued, being from a dairy farm myself near Waterloo myself. Then I learned that it was a *Guernsey* farm and I nearly fell out of my chair, working with the same golden cows and all! The universe works in mysterious ways.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the video, would love to have heard more, and think I shall peruse your blog over the next while. I am also from a dedicated fundamentalist family, went to an AGC church, was aiming for a life as a pastor or apologist or something but presently consider myself agnostic (or something near enough). Reading many deconversion stories like your own were one of many intersecting forces stoking my dissatisfaction with and prompting my eventual exit from Christianity through my teens and early twenties. Presently I am finishing a philosophy BA, but I can’t seem to abolish a lingering interest in Christianity, particularly evangelicalism, and people who write insightfully about it.

    Be reading ya!

    • theformerfundie

      Hi there, Reuben. So good to hear from you.
      When I lived in Ottawa years ago, I attended the Metropolitan which was not only Ottawa’s largest church at that time, but was also AGC.

      So, another Guernsey farm boy. That is indeed rare!

      Glad that you found my story helpful. It was actually a project my son did for his program.

      And I totally get the ongoing fascination bit. Once this stuff is in your blood…


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