“Crusing for a Bruising” Takes On a Whole New Meaning

Where will Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, or some other religious figure show up next?

Well, here’s the latest manifestation of divine presence in the world.

Go figure.

These are all examples of pareidolia – “a false perception of imagery due to what is theorized as the human mind’s over-sensitivity to perceiving patterns, particularly the pattern of a human face, in otherwise random phenomena.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Really. I tried several times and eventually lifted the definition from Wikipedia. Plagerism is so much easier in our day. Where was this technology when I was an undergrad?

But, I digress.

So, what interesting examples of pareidolia have you come across.? Here are a couple more of my fav’s.

"We see a sort of huge Jesus-face between the man and woman in the photograph, and it’s very hard to snap out of it and see the actual subject: a Victorian toddler in a white bonnet being held by her father. The vegetation in the background appears to be hair in the foreground, and we’re seduced by our evolutionary preference for seeing a face." - Courtesy of Derren Brown

This paper towel dispenser looks happy, doesn't it?

If you’ve got other great examples of pareidolia, send them along (or give me a link). I love this stuff!


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