What in Santa’s name is going on?

I am perplexed.

I began this blog about one year ago. Over the course of the year, I have built a small cult following (or so I imagine it!) and typically somewhere between 75-100 people visit my blog every day.

I have seen occasional spikes in the number of viewers up in the range of 200-250  on a given day, particularly after I have had a radio appearance (and when I did a post about being visited by extraterrestrials!).

Four days ago, however, for no apparent reason, my viewership jumped to 434. The following day, it climbed to 686. The day after that it escalated to 892. And yesterday, it topped one thousand, ending at 1041. Today, at 8:55 a.m. as I write this, it has already reached 233.

What in Santa’s name is going on?

The reason I use that expression, is that about 95% or more of these hits are all for one posting – something I wrote on December 15, 2008. The entry was entitled, The REAL Reason for the Season and it focused on the pagan origins of many Christian Christmas traditions.

But why this sudden attraction and attention to this posting? Why now? Why this entry?

I invite you to read the original entry (the link is above) and then submit your hypotheses regarding this flurry of interest.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’m hoping many of these viewers will become regular readers of The Former Fundie.



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8 responses to “What in Santa’s name is going on?

  1. SOOOOO glad you’re getting hits on that issue. We are so inundated at this time of year with the real reason being JC and his birth, both the date and the veracity of which no one can be sure. It is time to change the focus and recognize that the season has become one that celebrates the extension of goodwill to all people regardless of religious orientation. Enough with the religious veneer already! Let’s find the beauty of the season in each other’s eyes and celebrate that! Thanks, Scott!!

  2. Geoff

    You made a reference to New Moon unknowingly…

  3. Flo

    Your entry of December 2008 is very instructive!
    Some people also say that during the Saturn celebrations rules were changed: masters would serve slaves, etc…

    Unfortunately this tradition of freedom and irrespect for the powerful has been lost as many others!

  4. Denise

    I was googling christmas tree images and clicked on a particularly beautiful pic which led me to your blog on the origins of Christmas. What a pleasant surprise!

  5. I thought I’d add my story.

    My fiance and I are both pagans, though somewhat nondenominational. We live in a very conservative area and my curiosity got the best of me; I wanted to see what kinds of things (like products, graphics, or opinions) people were offering using certain search terms. I searched “Saturn is the reason for the season” and received your post from last year as a result. 🙂

    Essentially, while on a search for a humorous way in which I can make a religious statement, I stumbled upon your blog and am now subscribing to it.

  6. Sharon

    I stumbled on “The REAL Reason for the Season” in a similar fashion to Lizz. In my case, I was doing a Google image search for images related to the winter solstice and a beautiful shot of Stonehenge was one of the hits that popped up. I saw it was on a blog called “The Former Fundie” and was immediately intrigued, being a former fundie myself. I clicked, read the piece, loved it, and plan to share it.

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