What in the world am I doing at a Christian conference?

This weekend finds me at a conference sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity. I’m not here as a participant, per se, but as a presenter. I will be speaking tomorrow afternoon doing a session called, “Leading Change.” Sunday morning, I am giving a keynote called, “Goodbye, God. Hello life!” This will be my first opportunity to talk publicly about my journey from Fundamentalist Baptist minister to atheist.

What is an atheist doing speaking at a Christian conference?

Well this group is not your ordinary Christian group. They maintain a link to the faith tradition out of which they emerged, but they have a VERY progressive understanding of religion. In fact, they eschew dogma and promote “values-based living.”

And to their credit, I am one of three atheists speaking over the weekend.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you want more info about them, you can go to www.progressivechristianity.ca

And if you are in Toronto and want to hear me speak, it’s at the Crowne Plaza hotel at the Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Avenue. I am on at 9:00 a.m. Sunday.

Here’s a link to the conference itself: www.elementsconference.ca.



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3 responses to “What in the world am I doing at a Christian conference?

  1. Flo

    Hi Scott,
    Isn’t it time for you now to move forward, focus on other areas and leave all this behind?
    The subject of christianity sounds like an old gum you continue chewing over and over again…

    How much of your energy is this burning? Is it really worth it? How beneficial would it be for you to LEAVE IT BEHIND?


  2. John DiPede

    Scott………….thanks for a powerful and inspiring keynote presentation on Sunday. Most everyone at the conference has been, or is on a journey – some of them very similar to yours. Your story resonated with many. Your closing remarks helped delineate some common ground and some positive approaches as we struggle with the dangers of fundamentalism. Good stuff !!
    John D

  3. Denis Riddell

    Hi Scott,

    Really enjoyed sharing ideas with you at the CCPC conference. Is your keynote address available for study? Is there anything else you have written on the subject available?

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