I’m NOT the centre of the universe?????

This is a very cool youtube video about the relative sizes of things in this wonderful universe in which we live.


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One response to “I’m NOT the centre of the universe?????

  1. Paula

    Nice video! I’ve seen something very similar in the form of a Powerpoint presentation – that was good too.

    Of course, most people would deny thinking they were the ‘centre’ of the universe. Most religiots would claim to be far too humble for such a thought! But it never ceases to amaze me how many people (even many who are not overtly religious) honestly believe that the universe has a plan for them, cares about what happens to them, and is prepared to pull strings to ensure they get the life lessons they need.

    These people really should watch this video.

    Isn’t it rather depressing to be made so aware of our UTTER insignificance in this way? Not to me! To me it is simply liberating and helps bring a real sense of perspective to the things that are troubling me. It’s rather wonderful to think that here we are, somehow surviving, somehow thriving, in the midst of this vast, alien, inconceivable universe. Isn’t enough just to BE here, without demanding that the universe CARES about us too?!

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