Just because everyone else is doing it…

Well, the video below is making the rounds on skeptical, science, atheist and related blogs.

So, simply because I don’t want to feel left out or left behind or left alone, I am posting it too.

: )

More seriously, it’s a fun video on what it means to be genuinely open-minded. Hope you enjoy it.


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One response to “Just because everyone else is doing it…

  1. Deb

    This video is excellent – i loved it and watched it twice. I know that, compared to some, i probably still fall into the camp of believing things that are not (yet?) scientifically understood. However, i would never make a universal claim about my experience or beliefs i.e. tell others that they have to believe my story, or my interpretation of events i have experienced. And, depending on the particular circumstances (e.g. a perceived ‘visitation’ after a death), can we not allow our loved ones their version of events?

    I also find that he is refreshingly “agnostic”, so to speak i.e. he says he would not make categorical statements like, “Ghosts are not real”, but rather, “I don’t believe in ghosts” and remains genuinely open to the possibility, were there new evidence presented. He has not ‘decided’ once and for all.

    I really think that the key here is the tone one uses when having these conversations. If it is simply a matter of, “I don’t believe that, but i am open to new evidence” that is one thing; but sometimes the tone can slide over to, “I don’t believe that, and cannot for the life of me figure out how YOU could, either!” I think that just shuts down conversation, which is unfortunate. He complains about that sort of arrogant, i-have-the-answer-you-dimwit tone that he has experienced from others (e.g. who believe in ghosts, for example), but that can, truly, “go both ways.”
    thanks, scott, for posting; it’s SO well done!!

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