Skeptics in the Auld Dubliner Irish Pub

I am currently in California on a combination business/writing trip. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Etchison, author of The Meat of the Matter blog.  jim

Like me, Jim is an  ex-fundamentalist, charismatic Christian who is now a thoroughgoing skeptic and atheist. Jim and I met through our blogs and when I knew that I was coming to sunny SoCal, I asked Jim if he would be interested in getting together for a drink. So, last night we met at the Auld Dubliner pub in Irvine.

Jim and I had a lot of affinities and it was fun meeting up with someone with a similar journey to my own.

I encourage you to check out Jim’s blog. He has a lot of great things to say — although his stance on animal rights still needs some tweaking! [Sorry, Jim, I had to take that shot while I had the chance. : ) ]

Anyway, it’s always great when someone who is an electronic friend becomes a real flesh and blood one. Here’s to you, Jimmy boy!


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