Give Peace a Chance

Two weeks ago I had the fortune of meeting a remarkable woman named Glenys Babcock.

Several things impress me about Glenys. She is clearly highly intelligent. She posseses multiple graduate degrees. She has consulted with world-preeminent organizations like the RAND Corporation, the World Bank, the US Army and the Intelligence Secretariat of the Privy Council Office (Canada). She has lived in Canada, the US, the UK and Russia and has travelled the world.

But what impressed me most when we met was her passion for peace.

Out of that passion (first fueled in her university years) has emerged a new non-profit organization, PRAGMORA, of which Glenys is the Executive Director.  This organization is committed to pragmatic, research-based advocacy in pre-, current, and post-conflict situations. Glenys herself has just returned from trips to Liberia and Sri Lanka where she met with key state leaders and conducted extensive on-the-ground research about cementing a fragile peace in Liberia and seeking an end to hostilities in Sri Lanka.

I am excited about the work Pragmora is doing and am looking forward to aiding their pursuits in the future. One of their key needs right now is for funding. To that end, I have attached a brochure below to give you a bit more info about them. I encourage you to check out their (mostly functional) new website and to consider donating.



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