Santa Versus God

Here’s a cute comparison of Santa and God from the blogger, Unreasonable Faith (


So, what do you think? Anything to add? Anything to dispute?



Filed under Athesim, humanism, religion, social commentary

2 responses to “Santa Versus God

  1. deb

    Asking whether we have anything to dispute about this would suggest we consider it as something serious enough for dispute, and i think it’s rather meant to be taken quite lightly. For if i were to take it more seriously, i would mainly assert that he is using a childish understanding of the concept of ‘god’.

  2. theformerfundie

    Yes, the original was intended to be light-hearted, as is my posting of it. But I would suggest that the concept of God that it assumes IS the concept of God that theologically conservative Christians, Jews, and Muslims do have. (Okay, maybe not the long-white beard bit!). 🙂

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